Monday, April 9, 2012

Zombies, Run! - A Review

The concept of this app is really brilliant.  Take running, a traditionally boring event for most, and add motivation in the form of the zombie horde.  On the surface, it seems like just a quirky way to work out...but there's more to it than that.  When I run, I can't wait for it to be over.  I'm in it for the exercise and calorie loss.  Fun is the last thing on my mind even with a music playlist.

This app harnesses the power of human imagination.  While running requires a degree of physical fitness, there is a large mental piece.  Zombies, Run! taps into the mental side of running.  It took my focus off of the exercise and onto an immersive and engaging story.  I was playing a game, enjoying the story and also trying (successfully!) to avoid a mob of "zoms."  I wasn't thinking about the drudgery of running.  I was...wait for it...having fun!

One more thing.  Don't let the price turn you off.  8 bucks might seem a lot for an app, but consider what you're getting. I've spent hundreds of dollars on games and it got me hours in front of a screen on my butt.  Entertaining? Yes...but ultimately unhealthy.  8 bucks gets you outside, exercising AND you're playing a game.  You don't even have to run.  You can walk to start...and as long as you can keep it above a slow shamble, the zombies (probably) won't get you.

Also, this team seems on top of it when it comes to making improvements.  I'm a RunKeeper user, so I was very happy to see that RunKeeper integration is coming soon along with audio notifications for time, distance, and pace.

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kingfish said...

Now if they had Zombies, Bike! or Zombies, Swim! that would be more my speed. Running is almost as evil as zombies in my book.