Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 : The Year It All Changes...

...and there ain't go goin' back, as they say.

It has recently occurred to me that there is a bit of duality in the name of this blog. On one hand, it represents me as a fledgling blogger.

On the other, my wife and I will quite literally have an extra voice around the house very soon. You see, my wife is very (and I mean VERY) pregnant with our little girl. Her due date is January 19th, which has been something of an intangible concept to me...until now.

Our first child is no longer coming in 8 months.
Our first child is no longer coming in 4 months.
Our first child is no longer coming in 1 month.

Our first child is coming THIS month. In just a few short weeks, we'll be new parents.

This concept is staggering, although it should come as no surprise. We've been preparing for her arrival, both environmentally and mentally, since confirmation of her pregnancy.

It's not just about us anymore, which scares the bejesus out of me. We are responsible for a life. Am I ready? This question has been moot for about 9 months already. Ready or not, here she comes. My wife believes that I will be a 'great daddy.' I believe it, too...or rather, I believe that I have the capacity to be a great father. I just have to properly execute...whatever that means.

I wonder if raising a dog will help me at all...

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Hannah said...

You'll do great. Promise.

And whenever you need a weekend free, just leave her with Aunt Hannah and Uncle Dan.