Thursday, January 22, 2009

Screams In The Night - A Hospital Story

It's approaching 4:00 am as I type. I was trying to get some sleep before the birth of our first child later today.

It's funny how the blood-curdling screams of a woman giving birth down the hall can stir a man's slumber. And by funny, I mean troubling. Holy shit, that woman is in PAIN! I hope she gets some good drugs for her trouble...or at least a grateful child.

I'm really not sure how Sarah is going to react to child birth. I hope it's better than that poor soul down the corridor.

Sarah was trying to get some sleep, too. I just got her iPod out of her bag for her. I think she's trying to block out the wailer. Smart move. For Sarah, it's like looking into the future. Why would she want to hear that?

I'm taking longer blinks now. My focus is gone. It's time to wrap up the rambling...for now.

Later today, we welcome our first child into the world. Stay tuned...

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